Our Favorite Cat Climbing Trees

Get Ace Petnames' insight into the best cat climbing trees for your pet. See which 4 items we favor out of the many thousands.

On this page we look in detail into 4 different activity trees, as they're sometimes called.

Beware though.

The same functionalities can also be referred to as condo, tower perch, scratching post and what not.

So it can get confusing real fast. But we tried to solely focus on cat trees that are primarily for cats to climb on. Any secondary function will be just that. Secondary.

See below for our fabulous 4!

Our Popular Cat Climbing Trees Selection

Is a 6 Inch Tall Cat Play Tree. According to Amazon it is their tallest cat climbing tree. So if you're looking for many climbable inches for your feline, look no further.

Its design is supposed to resemble a pagode tree house. 

We like the fact that besides the climbing activites your cat can also sit at the perch on top. Looking down on their human servants.

It looks really decently built. We expect it to survive several years of continuous assault of cat claws.

Another "little" point we'd like to mention. Its price. Are you ready? USD 400, at the time of writing. That is a big sum of money.

But in all honestly, for that money you do get a product that is almost as high as a real life climbing tree!

Unfortunately there are no customer reviews on this behemoth. You could be the one to test it real cat life. If you do, let us know!

The Smart Cat Multi-Level Cat Climber. We specifically wanted to include a middle of the road, not too expensive climbing product. On that has been tried and tested by buyers.

Or attention was drawn to this one. Why? Because, first, it gets your attention. It is a cat climber that should be hanged on a standard door. Which is unqiue onits own. It will also give it some extra toughness. Furthermore it’s a great product for people with smaller houses. You can easily remove it and place it on any door you’d like.

It’s list price is USD 89,95. But you should be able to get it cheaper. Just keep track of promotions on this item. More than 400 customers have reviewed it and it has an above average good user rating. Overall it could be a usefull product for some, but we also see some downsides. Namely what if you use that door a lot? Or what if you can’t or don’t want to close it?

They call it the Wooden Large Cat Tree Sculpture Cat Tower. It is made for climbing. 

In fact we reckon you could get a few monkeys to join your cats. Create a mini jungle in your house! Seriously though.

We wanted to highlight this because it looks like the product we imagine when we think about a cat climbing tree. Tall, thick and with plush carpet covering.

Your cat would be very pleased if you brought this home. Some statistics. Dimensions are 25 x 20 x 49 inches and yours for around USD 270.

There are no reviews yet. You could be the first reviewing it.

The Whisker World 103" Stairway Heaven Cat Kitten Tree Climb Play Pet Scratch Post. Need some details? Here we go. 

It stands on a base of 14 by 14 inches. Its height? A whopping 103 inches (around 261 cm)! Wow that is a lot of climbing material.

Any higher than that and you'll need to call the fire department if your cat is stuck at the top!

Sure it doesn’t look fancy or resemble a tree. Bu if you’re looking for functionality, this is it. We found this play tree on Ebay. It comes in two different colors.

We found this play tree on Ebay. It comes in two different colors. Blue and grey-ish. 

At the time of writing the selling price was USD 170 at Ebay. 

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