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Searching for international petnames? Look no further. Ace Petnames will put you on the right track!

We’ll give you stand-out, worldwide names.

Assembled and inspired from a diverse range of transnational topics. 

All with the labor of love. We did our homework too.

We deleted all the junk.

What you'll see are the international pet names that are pet-able and sound amazing.

Read and see our collection of global names. 

ps: Our selection just got bigger with the addition of Indian Pet Names and Italian Cat Names.

Searching for international petnames? 

Look no further. Ace Petnames will put you on the right track!

We’ll give you stand-out, worldwide names. Assembled and inspired from a diverse range of transnational topics. All with the labor of love.

We did our homework too. We deleted all the junk. What you'll see are the international pet names that are pet-able and sound amazing. Read on and see our collection of global names.

(our selection just got bigger with the addition of Indian Pet Names, Italian Cat Names and Hawaiian dog names).

  18 International Petnames Topics: 


Feast your eyes on these Chinese names; ShanxiGobiWoainiBaobei, and Keai. Super original names with an Oriental sound. If you're curious about our other Chinese pet names and their meaning go to our Chinese Pet Names page.


German Pet Names

Germanic sounding pet names, how cool is that! Here is a small taste of our German pet names list; DamenSuessePutzigPfiffigPuppig. Get the full list at German pet names and find out what each name means!

German Dog Names

Our second page in this beautiful language is ready! We took the heavy task of finding 20 super hip German Dog Names. Discover names like Kraft, Otto, Waldo and many more.


Hawaiian Pet Names

Hawaii has an amazing language that provides lots of beautiful international petnames. Names like a summer breeze. Unlike any other pet names out there. We've got names like Wiwi, Pupule, Nohea, Ilio and Lani. Go to Hawaiian Pet Names to see them all.

Hawaiian Dog Names

This topic became popular. So we decided to add another collection. See a special list of Hawaiian Dog Names. On this page you will see 20 of the coolest Hawaiian canine names.


Irish Pet Names

Our meticulous search has resulted in Irish Pet Names like NaomhShamYoke, Narky, Breda. See them all and their meaning. Everyone is pet befitting! Click here for the entire page oIrish Pet Names.

Irish Dog Names

The second Irish names special is finally here. We had a long hard look at many hundred of potential examples. We ended up with the 25 best Irish Dog Names!


Have you always wanted an ultra cool Spanish sounding pet name? Here's your chance. We've got names like HermosaAlmaReyPerro and Amigazo. Every single one of them is pet-proof. Click here for a full page of Spanish Names for pets!


Italian Pet Names

A pet name in Italian? Why not? It's an amazingly beautiful language and it makes names for pets sound extra original. Examples? ZittoAbbracciBacioEsatto and Uffa. Go see them all at our Italian Pet Names section!

Italian Dog Names

A list that you must see! Having a name for your pooch in this wonderful language will make your pet really stand out in the crowd. Go to Italian Dog Names and see the full list.

Italian Cat Names

Our latest addition to our Italian section. With beautiful feline names like Crespo, Retto and Gubbi. See all 21 of them at Italian Cat Names.


French Pet Names

We had a lot of fun looking for pet befitting French names. Go see the likes of Bisous,  Etoile and Arobase. We've got 2 dozen more of these absolutely amazing names. Go see French Pet Names  page for the complete list!

French Dog Names

The latest addition to our French pet names' library! See 24 super amazing examples like Papin, Yvan, Reynald and more. French Dog Names.

Asian Pet Names

Our latest addition to our international petnames section! You must see them all. Names like  EigoJikanMizu and MæwWe got names from Malaysia, Japan, China, India and ThailandSee the complete list? Go to our Asian Pet Names page!

Native American Pet Names

Pfff! This was hard work. Out of thousands of Native American words we selected names that sound great, have a relatable meaning and are simply pet-proof  See the full list including the meaning of names like Moema, Naira, Nanuq and Pilo. Go to Native American Pet Names.

Russian Pet Names

We just had to tackle this one! Who would't like to have a super-cool Russian sounding pet name? We had to go through a lot of name to make this collection. But we did. Check out our names at our dedicated page for Russian Pet Names!

Native American Dog Names

A new chapter to our international section! We wanted to give a choice of names for dog owners specifically looking for meaningful and befitting Native American Dog Names. See them all!

Indian Pet Names

Our newest addition to our internation pet name directory!. Exotic sounding Hindi names perfect for your dog or cat. See the lot at Indian Pet Names.

Japanese Dog Names

See 23 amazing Japanese names for your dog. Give your canine an instant cool factor!

At Ace Petnames we stay open for inspiration. We keep it simple and use all our senses.

Whether you're searching for international petnames or plain English pet names. We deliver! Seeing, hearing and reading is all we need. Our cat-like curiosity and dog-like sniffing does the rest!

So if you're looking for more examples and Ace-stimulation, click on through to our other pages. 

Thank you for visiting us!

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