Discover Cat Products Your
Pampered Pet Can't Live Without! 

Curious what we have to say about the most remarkable cat products? Then use this page to know what you're missing in the world of cat apparel!

Ace's Cat Products

Cat Tree Furniture We really enjoyed researching these products. Why? Because we looove the whole idea of having a cat tree in the house. See which ones we thought were worth sharing!

Automatic cat litter boxes We had a blast looking at hundreds of different litter boxes. We ended up with 3 items. Get an idea of the immense diversity for this cat item.

Cat Water Fountain A fountain with a cow? A huge tripod alien style fountain? Check! See these and more and hear what we have to say about them. 

Cat Climbing Trees We explore 4 different cat activity climbing trees. We found one that needs to be hanged on your door and one reaching 103 inches!

Cat Scratching Furniture Felines loves to scratch. So you need to be prepared. See what we think are scratching products you must see.

Cat Shelves Wonderful cat products that combine functionality and design. See which ones we picked!

Kitty Condos. Want to create a house within your house for your cat? Than check out 4 of our picks!

Designer Litter Box. Hide your litter tray under a piece of furniture everybody can see!

Why this product page?

Because it’s nearly impossible to digest all that is available for cat products on your own. There is a jungle of pet websites out there. Offering a zillion feline accessories and other goodies. You need a guide. 

Think about it.

In the world wide web of pets there is a lot (a lot!) available for dogs, cats, and all kinds of pets. We’re probably talking millions of pet apparel (If you type in "dog products" in Amazon you'll get 283,000 results!!).

Who’s got time to see even a fraction of what’s out there? Is it worth the search? Do you have time for that? That’s where we come in! Because unlike you, we can and we do scan the world of cat goodies. Fanatically. 24/7.

We sniff around the world wide web. And set ourselves a task to prowl and hunt for funny, remarkable, useful (and the not-so-useful-but-cool-to-have), weird and must-see pet goodies.

Just like our approach to pet names (namely delete the junk and only present ones that are worth sharing!). We decided to do the same for cat apparel, dog accessories and everything in between.

"We've surfed the internet for the best in pet apparel"

Think of us as your personal and opinionated trendwatcher! Guaranteed to bring to your attention what we think is funky, weird, adorable, useful, noteworthy, ridiculous or plain funny. 

We screen the world of pet goodies to so you don’t have to.

So what do we have in store for you?

Well get ready to find topics on automatic cat litter boxes, cat shelves, cat tree furniture, kitty condos, cat climbing trees, cat water fountain, cat scratching furniture and litter box covers and many more feline products.

Use this page to navigate yourself to our various cat apparel topics. 

What's next?

See our Facebook page for the very latest pet social media. Or hop on to our amazing Pinterest page and see the beautiful visual world of pets!

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