Must-see Automatic Cat Litter Boxes

Love your cat, but hate scooping poo and pee? Automatic cat litter boxes to the rescue! This is a cat product that many pet owners have thought about buying. For sure. 

As cat owners ourselves we know the work involved in cleaning a “manual” litter box. Therefore the allure of a full automatic litter box has always been big.

So we started our search around the world wide wed. Our mission? To find the most noteworthy automatic cat litter boxes and explore them.

Where to start? If you do a google search on automatic litter boxes you get over a 100,000 hits. Same with all the big sites that sell pet products. We dived into the world of automatic litter boxes and came up with the following top 3 noteworthy products.

The Top 3 Automatic Cat Litter Boxes: 

The Catgenie device caught our attention. Not because of its looks. Or its features. Nor its price ($ 336,00 at the time of writing). This product looks like a combination of a, dare we say it, a toilet and a professional dough making machine.

The funny thing about it is, it actually works kinda like a toilet. It washes the cat’s waste. It doesn’t get more automatic than this. A downside is it’s only available for shipping in the US (if you buy it on Ebay that is).

Another possible weakness is the complexity of the whole device. Which could make it prone to defects of all kind.

Moreover we have some question marks about its size. It has a round litter area that seems a bit cramped for a (large Garfield type) cat. And, lastly, since it’s supposed to be hooked to the sewage system, you’re pretty inflexible with the whole device.

Still with all the apparent glitches the prospect of not having to twice daily scoop the poop and pee of your cat is, to say the least, luring.  

The Omega Paw Self Cleaning Litter Pewter, has, for starters, a very long name!
The reason we put it in our list is simple. It is apparently the most sold automatic litter box out there. And, surprisingly, it’s also one the cheapest. Wow. What a difference with the Cat Genie!

However, there is one but. To be perfectly honest. It’s not really a full automatic like the CatGenie. This one still demands some manual labor. Which makes it more of a semi-automatic-ish.

It is probably the reason why they call it “self cleaning’, rather than automatic. Now let’s look at some of its other noteworthy features. It has a high user rating. Which is a good thing. It’s flexible, unlike the former. And as said before, it’s relatively cheap.

However be careful to blindly focus on the price. Like the all too famous  Gillette razorblades, the device itself is somewhat inexpensive.

The knives is where you’ll be spending real money on. Still we reckon it’s a good alternative for the semi-lazy cat owner!

The Scoop Free Ultra Self Cleaning Litter Box. Why this one you ask? Because look! It’s funky, fresh, bold. Compared to the other two this one is cool and modern. You wouldn’t mind having this one in plain sight for everyone to see. Price? Depends. Amazon has it for $ 159.95. At Ebay you could get one for a lot less. Even used ones.

Some of the main specs;
There is an adjustable rake delay, which allows the cat owner to choose if the rake sweeps waste 5, 10, or 20 minutes after the cat’s poo poo or pee pee.

So there you have it, the bling-bling, the value for money (albeit not full automatic) and the funky. If choices make you indecisive, like most people, just stick to the no thrills litter boxes. Yep we too are still rocking it old school.

Thanks for dropping bye and come back soon to another Ace Recommends topic!

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