4 Cat Shelves To Feline-Proof Your House

On this page we'll show you which cat shelves you need to buy to turn your house into cat heaven. We'll help you discover unique ledges to feline proof your pet home. 

We believe this item makes the difference between a good place for cats or a great one! 

A cat shelf helps your cat’s wellbeing tremendously.

Plus it can be a cool and effective solution to providing essential resting places in your house.

It doesn’t have to cost much and won’t take up any valuable living space.

But where do you begin looking for cat shelves? Like so many pet products for cats and dogs, there are thousands and thousands of items on offer. 

You could get confuses real quick.

Plus you probably don’t have that much time to see even a fraction of what’s available.

That’s where we come in. We have the means to go through the jungle of cat products. We scan for the coolest and most noteworthy items.

The result is right here on this page! See which 4 shelves we think you should consider.

4 Cat Shelves Worth Considering:

The Urban Pet Haus Wave Wall Mounted Cat Perch. One of the sleekest models out there. Period. It is a great addition to your house. It can easily be combined with your rooms interior design. Because it looks very modern, sleek and minimalistic.

Here are some item specifics. 

It’s made of real wood veneer and has a “dark zebra wood finish”.

The top of the shelf is made of durable felt for maximum comfort.

The shelf, in large version, is 44 x 10 x 8 inch. Length, width and height, respectively.

It weighs a tad bit over 5 pounds. It’s not particularly cheap.

But quality never is. Right? 

We found this one on Amazon for around USD 145. Unfortunately only available within the US. As you can see in the reviews on the left, it has a very high user rating.

The Sophia Wall Mounted Cat Tree in black. We picked this one because it is more than just a cat shelf. They call it a cat tree, but we tend to classify it as a shelf. Because it looks like a shelf and not a tree. And it’s a usefull one. You can store books or other things on the square parts. A great way to combine both functionality for your feline as for yourself. We love it!

It comes in a set of two separate shelves. So you are flexible in fixing it in a variety of configurations. 

The resting areas are made of carpet while the shelf itself is painted with a glossy and non-toxic, lead-free paint.

The shelves have a weight carrying limit of 25 pounds. The Sophia is available in black or white and is available for Europe.

A product like is a real treat for a cat.

They love to climb real high. Ours even climbs on top of the refrigirator from time to time. 

Price? USD 134.99. That's not cheap. But you do get a quality product that also usefull as decoration or a book shelf.

The K&H Kitty Sill Deluxe. This one we found under cat beds. As with the previous cat shelf, which was called cat tree, we try to categorize the products according to their design and function. So if a cat bed like this one functions as a cat shelf and is designed as one, we’ll call it a cat shelf. 

So why did we pick this one? Well it is one of the most popular shelves out there. Relatively cheap, functional and highly regarded by many buyers. (See the reviews link).

Here are some item specifics. Dimensions are 14 x 24 x 3 inches and it wieghs 3.3 pounds. It can support up to 40 pounds.

So fat cats are no problem. If they can jump and reach the shelf, that is.

The resting area is made of soft orthopedic foam and is available in 3 different styles; heated, bolstered or unheated. 

If you're no fan of tiger prints no worries. It comes in several different patterns.

The Refined Feline Silhouette Cat Shelf. A 3 piece set to provide a wall of cat shelves for your feline. We picked this one because it's a stand out design. Just look at the cat shapes. Isn't that great?

But they're not all looks either. The platforms can hold up to 50 lbs. So even your dog could jump on it. The cat shelves are laced with a plush pad for comfortable sleeping.

This item is a real eye cather and will blend beautifully with any modern home decor.

We have the black example in the picture, but it is also available in a variety of other colors. For more details click on the link to go to the Amazon page.

These cat silhouette shelves are laser cut from steel and powder coated.

The platforms are 11.5 x 22 inch and are replaceable.

The black pads are the same color as the shelves and silhouettes, except for the blue and red ones. They come with white pads only.

One last thing. The price. Not cheap. It hurts to be beautiful. So these fashionablle 3 piece set shelves are yours for USD 385.69 (at the time of writing).  

Thanks for visiting our cat product pages. See our navigation for more.


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