The Finest Cat Tree Furniture
          Money Can Buy

Join us as we look at the top 4 cat tree furniture products of the moment. See what we have to say about the most distinctive cat trees on the market. 

And don't get confused if you come across products with names like cat activity trees, cat scratching posts, cat house and condos, cat sofas or cat steps.

It can get blurry real fast. 

Our selection is made up of cat scratching posts resembling a tree, or a trunk of a tree. In short, it must be tree-ish. 

It is a very popular and sought after product. A cat item we really love.  

Why? Because of the sheer amount of styles and shapes this products comes in. 

Prices from dirt cheap till sky high. Looks from meh till WOW!  

We surfed the net for you and picked out our favorites!

Why? Because we didn’t think you were planning on looking through 29,000 (!) cat trees on Amazon alone…Ready? Let’s go!

Ace Petnames' Cat Tree Furniture Picks

A custom made cactus. Just look at this thing? Isn’t it a clear winner just by design? It’s playful, functional and it really adds some pizazz and meow-ness to your house. 

A normal cat tree is often, err, normal looking. Make your cat special. Let him or her scratch this one. 

Item specifics? Let’s start with the price. Round and about $ 700,00 at the time of writing. We know. Ouch. Still it looks like it can withstand a hurricane (of scratching cats). So expect it to survive a couple of years. Oh. It’s custom made. So no need to worry about seeing it in someone’s house anytime soon.

95, 60, 55, tall wide and deep (in inches), respectively. In other words BIG.

The biggest downside, however, is the shipping of this colossal cat furniture tree. If you happen to live close to the seller you can just pick it up.

If you live 100 miles out or further it needs to be shipped for $ 125.00 (double ouch).

The smart cat ultimate scratching post. Wow. What a different style compared to our first! 

You want to know why we choose this one? Because it’s simple, yet beautiful. 

This is a cat tree furniture that we imagine is every inch functional too. No design tweaks, weird crosses or other distracting design stuff. A pure scratching cat tree. 

Another plus is its price. It was $ 39.99 at the time of this writing at Amazon. Which is a real bargain, if you ask us.

It has a height of 32 inches (about 81 centimeters) and sits on a 16 by 16 inch (40 centimeters) base.

It has raving user reviews (if you’re looking for a functional product you’d want to know how it’s rated. Right?).

Downside? Well, we think it could, at least, be offered in different colors or patterns. 

If you have cats that scratch e-ver-y-thing you’d want a decent, sturdy design cat tree. This one hits the nail on the head.

Say hi to Jaipurr! A cat tree furniture example we chose because it's out of the ordinary, but with style. Our funky-cool scratch tree. As mentioned it’s called Jaipurr and it is a design by Jose Walker. It’s expensive too at £ 395.00 (around $670.00).

But just look at it. It’s almost a piece of art. As a matter of fact, we think it is. One your feline can scratch to pieces. Some item specifications:

- available in 3 heights; 80, 95 and 110 cm (31.4, 37.4 and 43.3 inches respectively)

- the large square base is 79 by 79 cm (31 inches).

Check out the website for lots more designs specifics.

They call it….the Jungle.

We just had to include this one. It is Over-The-Top and we love it for that! If you have the space and money to spend? Why not!

We know from experience that cat owners love, LOVE to spoil their felines. Imagine how much fun your cat would have in this behemoth of a cat tree. 

It’s usefell too. It can be, of course, used as a scratching tree, a condo, a hangout, a watch-out and so forth! 

Now for some item specifics. Let’s start with the price.

We found this one at Ebay for a whopping (are you ready?) $928.25. Ka-ching!

Easy. Take a breath.

After some more digging we've also found one at Amazon for a lot less.

Still. Just look at it! Imagine your cat playing in it like Tarzan of the jungle!  

Another plus. You'd be the second person to be able to review it.

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