4 Ideal Cat Water Fountain Examples

Hi and welcome to our cat water fountain page. The page where we put forward our favorite water fountains for cats. 

As always we dived into the big ocean called internet.

To find the best and most remarkable fountains.

It wasn't easy. Because the amount on offer is huge. Every online retailer has several hundred types for sale.

But who's got time to see even a fraction of what's for sale? We do.

We did the sniffing around and have 4 fountains we'd like you to consider.

Our Top 4 Cat Water Fountain Products

The Cats Rule Cow Watering Hole Fountain. A whole mouth full to pronounce. But isn’t it cute? We just love the whole cow theme. If you are thinking of buying one why not make it a bit playish. Right? However we do have some questions about the usability of this device.

First. We own a cat fountain too. And the one thing that always annoys us is that a lot of dust, hair and everything that floats around in your house will eventually land in the fountain. The design of this “cat cow” makes it open to such dirtying.

Second. It’s relatively small in terms of water reservoir. You have more than one cat? Look further.

However if you don't mind refilling often, then this could be a good buy. As with almost all fountains you need to buy water filters from time to time. So although it’s relatively cheap (around USD 40), expect to spend a multiple on filters in a year.

The Cat Mate Pet Fountain. Why? Because we own one too! Are we happy with it? Yes and No. Let us explain. It is indeed a mini-fountain. The sound of the water flowing is lovely too. But it does tend to collect a lot of hair and dust. Which in turn makes it difficult to clean, if you don't clean it regularly.

But if you do keep a clean house, it's a solid choice.

You could also use it as a back-up product. Only to use when you leave the house for longer than 24 hours.

Judging by the number of customer reviews and its rating this product is a safe bet.

Yes. Well. Ehm. It is called the Petsland Pet Purifying Drinking Fountain. It looks…weird. A bit like an alien invasion-type machine-ish. It hasn't been reviewed yet.

It's also fairly new in the market and apparently no single cat owner has took the bold step of buying-and trying this cat water fountain.

Why did we include it in our cat fountain item list? We included it because, well, it just looks the part.

At USD 85 it's almost double the price of most of the pet fountains we found. So, judging by its price, it must have some tricks up its sleeve. 

We think that it is a very ergonomically friendly cat fountain. One that is 100% function and not design.

If you’re reading this and end up buying this tripod alien cat fountain please let us know of your experience!

The Pioneer Pet Fountain Big Max Bowl Stainless Steel Dog and Cat Drink Raindrop Water. Phew. A whole sentence just for the name. But we like it. Why? Because it’s a timeless design.

It is made of stainless steel. Meaning you can always clean it. No amount of dust and hair can stick on it. Unlike the plastic-y ones that are extremely hard to clean.

Plus it looks sturdy and decent. Unbreakable. We love it.

Downsides? Perhaps one. Its price. A little over a hundred USD (at the time of writing). We know. You could buy two or even three of the other ones for that price.

Still we recon you’ll be using this bowl for years to come. We found it on Ebay. But Amazon has the same item too.

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