20 Cool Names For Dogs
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Finding original cool names for dogs is our core business.


Because we thrive on originality. But also because we're tired of hearing the same old doggy names. Over and over again!






Time for a change. Time to change the pet names landscape. One dog name at a time. 

See our selection on this page. Convince yourself that a stand out and original name is always better!

  20 Cool Names for Dogs:

Cool Names

Mohs, from the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. Used for measurement and comparison. A diamond crowns the top of this list.

Nanorod, an extremely tough manufactured material. For a tough canine! A barking-good name!

Priscus, from varanus priscus. The biggest terrestrial lizard that ever lived. Now extinct. A name like this is a great way to salute it.

Hadza, is the name of a group of hunter-gatherers in Africa. A short, sharp and doggy name!

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Expressive Dog Names

Biros, a very much doggish sounding name that has a great ring to it!

Kacho, masculine sounding. A name you’ve never heard of but always knew it must have existed.

Gaily, actually has a meaning. For if you have a happily, cheerily and carelessly fun loving mongrel!

Crity, derived from the word alacrity. Meaning eagerness, quickness. It just fits!

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Modern Sounding Names

Cenozo, a name that has a nice ring to it and is great to pronounce.

Sinewy, it has the word new in it so it must be modern…

Piquant, actually means spicy and hot. Great dog name that could be befitting too!

A-kay, in today’s doggy dog world this name just deserves a carrier!

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Weird Names

Scrimshaw, meaning engravings and carvings done in bone or ivory. A matching dog name.

Hubbub, meaning noise, uproar. We just looove the way this name is pronounced.

Sozzl’d, is your dog sozzl’d? Very weird, yet still usable and above all fitting of a dog.

Goiter, some examples just hit you in the head. Like this one. Out-of-the-ordinary, but cool.

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Old English Inspired Names

Zany, a hip thing to say in the 1940s and 50s. A zany madcap they would say!

Pewter, meaning a hard, tough alloy. Seldom used, but a befitting name.

Smote, from the old English word smitan, to smear.

Ferule, an instrument, like a stick, or flat piece of wood, used in punishing children.

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