4 Dashing Elevated Dog Bowls 

See if these practical and elegant elevated dog bowls are worth buying.

These bowls are one of the most essential dog products you'll need. And for a reason. First and foremost, it's ergonomically better for your pooch to drink from.

They say that the elevated position promotes eating, aids digestion and reduces muscle strain. Some even claim that it prevents stress to the neck and back. 

And since we believe you don’t want to buy just any bowl. It must be something special too. Right? If not you could just put a simple bowl on a box. 

So we ended up scanning the world wide web for you. The result is 4 products you must see before considering buying one.

The funky, the ugly, the practical and the must-have. Got you curious? Check them out below. (ps. The one in the picture is the right height cafe feeder on Amazon)

Ace's Elevated Dog Bowls Selection:

The Popware Double Elevated Feeder for Dogs with collapsible legs. Let us start with the cheapest one. We found this at Ebay for USD 19.99 at the time of writing. Two reasons why we picked this one. 

First its price. Second its collapsible legs. Which is a neat feature. Very practical to store or take with you on a trip. Plus it’s available in all these funky colorfull designs. 

More features. It is a product that is ideal for travel or at home. It has 2 removable and portable bowls. When collapsed it is only 1.5” high. 

In short it is the ideal feeder for the outdoorsy types. It is available in green. pink and purple. It comes in 2 sizes, small and large.

The IRIS Small Elevated Feeder with Airtight Food Storage. The most practical unit we found. We like it. It has absolutely no thrills, design tweaks or distracting features. Not only is it a very sturdy looking elevated bowl, it also doubles as an airtight food storage. 

Double practicality. Like it? Yours for under USD 35.00 at Amazon. That is. If you choose the one with the biggest storage unit.

Smaller ones are even cheaper. Here are some other item specifics.

The bowls are made of stainless steel. The storage unit can keep the food (up to 13 pound) fresh. It also includes non-skid rubber feet. Which helps protect floors.

It ships worldwide. Oh. One last thing. It has a huge positive rating too. Click on the reviews link to see for yourself.

The Pet Feeders Wooden Bone Elevated Dog Bowl. Our favorite. Because, well, just look at it! No mistaken that for something else. It would be a real eye catcher too. 

A natural oak look and a sturdy crisp design. We’d buy it for the bone cut out alone.

But wait just a minute. It isn’t cheap. We found this at Amazon for USD 140.00 ish. Yep. The price is elevated too.

Some features then. Dimensions are 21" x 10.5" x 10". Length, width and height, respectively. It includes two stainless steel bowls that are easily detached. 

It is fairly new on the market. So there aren’t any reviews yet. Plus it, unfortunately, doesn’t ship outside of the US. In short. This item is a future classic!

The Tall Eight Modern Pet Bowl for Tall Large Dogs. We included this one because it is the most elevated dog bowl among elevated dog bowls. 

If you have large dogs this would be perfect.

Like most items it has stainless bowls that are removable and dishwasher safe. The top is made out of a 1 inch “solid slab of Birchply”

But what strikes us the most is its sleek and minimalistic design. We really like it. It doesn’t hurt the eye.

Measurement: 23" x 14" x14", length, width and height, respectively.

It comes in 4 different styles. Namely matte black, blue gloss, white gloss and orange gloss.

And before we forget, it’s yours for USD 190.00. 

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