4 Luxury Dog Furniture
Items No Spoiled Pet Should Be Without

   4 Luxury Dog Furniture Items
No Spoiled Pet Should Be Without

Looking for luxury dog furniture products that will make your canine feel like royalty? You're at the right place. This is the page where we highlight four cool and swanky dog furniture items. 

We made a selection out of the many thousands of luxury products on offer for canines.

We've looked at luxury dog beds, modern dog houses and luxury design dog furniture and more.

We ended up with four very different pieces of furniture. But all of them worthy of your attention.

Each one has a unique interpretation of luxury.

But at the end of the day luxury is in the eye of the beholder. What is kitsch for one is beautiful for the other.

So are you ready to see our fab 4?

Scroll down and see what we've found. 

Treat Your Pet Like Royalty With These 4 Luxury Dog Furniture Products:

The Snoozer Luxury Indoor Corner Bed in "Toro Antique Gold Navy" outfit. A bit over the top, but we love it for that! 

Plush red with gold accents. It’s a statement. Have your canine rest and lounge on a swanky, cool an luxurious bed. 

The measurements are  25 x 25 x 12 inch (outside) and 35 across front. The inside is 21 x 21 inch.

It’s made of high density foam and the cushion is filled with tufted poly. Which makes it possible to mold to your dog. Moreover it is machine washable. Always a plus.

The bed is made with a deluxe micro suede fabric. Don't worry if red isn’t your color. You can choose from a variety of fabrics.

Choose your favorite color option to suit your house. Bed and pillow are made with the first color and accent cording is the second color.

And now…its price. We found this bed at Amazon for a very respectable USD 151.90. This is affordable luxury.

The Black Dior Doggie Bed/Dog Sofa. A classy, and slighlty understated, luxurios plush sofa. It's a bed from Duroque. Available via Amazon. We actually like this luxury dog furniture.

It is less tacky and kitschy as some of the other available beds out there.

You can spoil your canine and have a good looking doggie sofa in your house.

Unfortunately there isn't much information available about its measurements or fabrics. We do know that all Duroque beds are custom made.

But hold your horses. It aint cheap. 

This plush presidential dog seat is yours for a whopping USD 1,200! No reviews as of yet. So if you have money to spend, and a dog to spoil you could be the one to review it first.

The Square Tufted Brass Moire dog sofa by Duroque. Available on Amazon. A stately dog bed with cheetah print cushion and tufted back.

A lxury dog bed that will really make your canine feel like a king or princess.

We wouldn't mind having this one in our house. Heck. We might even chill on it ourselves!

Clearly this is the luxury that doesn't scream and shout.

No gold, silver or other bling-bling is needed. 

Like most of the luxury dog beds by Duroque they're custom made to order.

But hold on. Don't get too excited. Luxury doesn't come cheap in this case. This sofa has an "luxurious" asking price of USD 1,300.

The Fantasy Furniture Mini Chaise Pet Bed. Make your canine feel like Cleopatra. This lounge bed is hand made out of wood and upholstered with faux fur fabric. 

It is suitable for pets up to 15 lbs.

Some item specifics. The cushions are made from high density fire retardant foam. If you really want to make it complete you can buy a matching mini sofa and mini bed.

We know that a lot of pet owners treat their furry family members like royalty. So why not accommodate them accordingly?

And with this bed you can!

It has a price tag of USD 62.68 at the time of writing. Which is very reasonable. Plus it has a 4 star rating. 

As we say, it has all the bling but none of the (pricey) sting!

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